Update: Congrats to Amanda for winning two heart dishes!

She was really excited – one of our favorite parts of these Giveaways is getting to see everyone’s reaction! Amanda started off with a huge thank but we love the part where she complimented our glazes, “The seaglass glaze is my favorite, but they are all gorgeous! You do amazing work! THANK YOU, again!”

We hope Amanda enjoys the two dishes and we hope you join us for our next giveaway. Make sure you follow us on our social channels to stay up to date!

To everyone that joined in our giveaway — thank you so much.
We were thrilled to see all the comments and excitement. You all are a lot of fun, and we hope to see you for the next one!
Congrats to Amanda for winning two heart dishes, she went with our latest glaze, Sea Glass (in case you were curious).
Thanks again!!

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