Sea Glass

Our latest edition to the Edgecomb Potters family.

This brand new addition marks yet another achievement in a long-held tradition of creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, colors, and shapes.

Inspired by the glittering and vibrant blues, corals, greens, and polished turquoise that line our shores—Sea Glass captures the true essence of coastal Maine. While the palette is deceptively simple, it is by far, the most challenging glaze to produce.

Making this new glaze is just another example of how Edgecomb Potters is committed to crafting authentic and unique pieces that bring functionality and beauty into your home.

Discover what has taken our artisans and master potters over four decades to perfect.

Available in most shapes and sizes... while supplies last!

Ready to bring some Sea Glass into your home?

Here are some of our favorite smaller pieces. Sized just right for a tasty treat of color.

Handmade in Maine since 1976

Drawing on 42 years of history, passion, and heart—we’ve tinkered, toyed, tested, failed, lost, and learned all along the way.

We consider it a privilege to share in your moments of peace, tradition, happiness and reflection. From your morning coffee to Sunday dinner, it’s an honor to partake in those moments special.

Thank you for supporting our family and being part of our larger one.

— The Edgecomb Potters Family —

A mug for everyone

Make those morning coffee moments last just a bit longer with the coziness of our great mugs.

We are...

…a family owned business and we make every piece of pottery right here in Maine. We’ve spend the last 45 years mastering our craft —designing, producing, and selling our own one-of-a-kind pieces. Each one is unique in shape, color, and in the passion with which they’re made.


Yes. With the right care, our pottery will absolutely stand the test of time. All of our pottery is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. However, we do recommend turning off the heat cycle on your dishwasher.
When cooking with porcelain, it’s important to remember that we fire most of our pieces between 1500-2200 degrees so your oven will not be able to do any damage to your plate or dish. However, issues can arise with sudden temperature changes. So we recommend placing the baking item in the oven as you pre-heat and add 15 minutes to cook time.

We take extra, extra, extra care when preparing our items for shipping. We had years to learn how to make sure your pottery arrives free of cracks, chipping, and scratches. And of course, if something does happen — we will make it right.