Signature upright pieces that only 40+ years of experience can craft.

Transform any room, any moment with an Edgecomb Potters vase. Our glazes shine on these pieces of art. Whether in the way the crystals grow or in the way colors run down the sides. Each piece taking on its own identify, it's own spirit.

Bring a piece of Maine, history and passion into your home.

Available in all kind of shapes, sizes & colors.

Transform any room in your home with
a dash of bold, elegant and beautiful.

Here are some of our favorite pieces and colors.

Handmade in Maine since 1976

Drawing on 42 years of history, passion, and heart—we’ve tinkered, toyed, tested, failed, lost, and learned all along the way.

We consider it a privilege to share in your moments of peace, tradition, happiness and reflection. From your morning coffee to Sunday dinner, it’s an honor to partake in those moments special.

Thank you for supporting our family and being part of our larger one.

— The Hilton's   &   Co. —

We are...

…a family owned business and we make every piece of pottery right here in Maine. We’ve spend the last 45 years mastering our craft —designing, producing, and selling our own one-of-a-kind pieces. Each one is unique in shape, color, and in the passion with which they’re made.